Our Celebration Cakes

Enjoy a pre-made or a custom made Bishop’s Homemade Ice Cream Cake. How do we make custom cakes? Well here is how you decide what to put in your cake:

  1. Choose two of our delicious homemade ice cream flavors
  2. Choose a filling (this can range from jimmies to M&M’s)
  3. Choose a crust (nilla waffers, oreos, or graham crakers)
  4. What would you like written on the cake? Tell us and we will make it happen.

We decorate our cakes with a whipped cream frosting and a single color for borders and writing. A more detailed decoration is available for an additional price.

What size cakes do we have and how much are they?

Sizes: Shapes: Prices: Amount of people it feeds:
8″ X 3″ Round $26.00 12-18 poeple
9″X 2″ Round $24.00 10-16 people
9″X13″X 2″ Quarter Sheet $36.00 20-30 people
8″ Pie $18.00 6-10 People

How do you order these cakes?

For custom made cakes we need from 5-7 days notice to give our scoopers enough time to prepare, make, and decorate your cake. Give us a call at 603- 444-6039 and we will be happy to take your order. Want one today? Come into the shoppe and see what we have premade in our coolers and we will be happy to write on them for you.

Our Cake Special:

Every time you purchase a Bishop’s Homemade Ice Cream Cake you will receive a “cake card” that will have serving tips and information on it. Collect 8 of these cards and recieve a free 9″X 2″ round pre-made ice cream cake.

Our Cake Raffle Winner of 2010: Jennifer Simon