35 Years of Accolades

Over the past 35 years, Bishop’s Homemade Ice Cream has received many accolades, the highlights of which are shared below:

Recently featured in “500 Things To Eat Before It’s Too Late and the Very Best Places to Eat Them” by those two well known authors of Roadfood, Jane and Michael Stern.   May 2010.

Road Food has Bishop’s featured in their national guide for nearly the last 10 years. In fact, Bishop’s is the only ice cream shop in New Hampshire that is featured in the book.


Food Lovers’ Guide to Vermont & New Hampshire: The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings pg 198

Yankee Magazine 2012 May/June 2012

New England Travel “Best of New England” 2011

Yankee Magazine 2011 Travel Guide  (spring) issue.

Yankee Magazine 2008 Travel Guide (summer-fall) issue

Yankee Magazine July/August 2008 “5 Best Ice Cream stands in New England”

Yankee Magazine featured Bishop’s in the 2002 Travel Guide to New England.

Yankee Magazines “Editors Pick”  1999  One of the outstanding reasons to visit New England.

Best Restaurants in America 1998  Best Ice Cream/Yogurt: Bishops Homemade

Gourmet Magazine 1998  “Summer Sweet”  Complete story of how this place came to be. With pictures and full article written by Jane & Michael Stern. The article is hanging in the shop.

Yankee Magazine 1993  “Is it our short summer that makes New Englanders such ardent ice cream devotees?”

New Hampshire Times 1985  Ice Cream  “For the best ice cream in the free world”, (we are quoting a reliable source) go to Bishops on Cottage St in Littleton, N H.

Yankee Magazine 1982 Travel Guide  (summer-fall) issue.